Certiv Analytics focuses on the development of complex data analytic systems, Eclipse-hosted tools, and ANTLR™-based systems. Our commercial development service offerings include:

  • Proof of Concept Design and Development
  • End-to-End Systems Design and Development
  • Specialized Eclipse Tools Design and Development

We support our customers throughout their project lifecycles by offering development services and consulting of the highest quality. Our success derives from our agility in adapting to rapidly evolving customer requirements.

Data Analytics

  • NLP processing systems.
  • Knowledge-based analysis.
  • System orchestration using Go (golang).
  • Proprietary development services.

Eclipse Tools

We have broad experience in the design and development of Eclipse-based tools and products. We offer this experience in the form of our Eclipse consulting services. We work at all levels, ranging from feasibility and design studies to a comprehensive Eclipse plugin development service. Our expertise is centered around the Java Development Tooling (JDT) components.

Exemplary, publicly available tools can be found on our Projects page.

Antlr DSLs, Tools & Systems

A particular area of expertise is in designing and developing systems using the ANTLR™ parser generator. Our capabilities include all development aspects, including:

  • custom DSL design
  • grammar implementation
  • compiler implementation
  • system integration
  • IDE integration

Uniquely, our Dsl Editor framework allows us to rapidly develop full-featured Eclipse editors for new DSLs. Given a working grammar, a syntax specific editor can be produced in about a day. Prototype to full, production ready editors can be built with Dsl Editor faster and more reliably than by using any other available framework.