An Eclipse plugin that contributes XVisitor grammar editor and builder to the Eclipse platform.


  • XVisitor Editor and Outline View – full syntax-directed editor
  • Grammar Formatter
    • grammar elements handled using custom formatter
    • Java elements are handled using the JDT platform formatter
  • Grammar Builder – incremental visitor generator


  • automatically associated with XVisitor grammars (“.xv”)
  • available in any Eclipse project (native code features only available in Java projects)

  • the builder requires a package header in the grammar – required to determine build destination

  • build destination must be a package in a source folder of the containing project

  • the formatter is invoked using the standard platform format command (ctrl-shift-f)

  • the formatter should only modify whitespace – ctrl-z will undo changes

  • the sophistication of the formatter is evolving


  • Eclipse 4.5.2 on Java 8 JDK VM


Eclipse Public License v1.0