NTail is a log file ‘tail’ plugin for Eclipse that enables multiple, independent view instances to be open at the same time. Each view instance is, in turn, capable of hosting its own independent set of log tail viewers.

Enables watching multiple host platform and plugin-in runtime platform log files at the same time. Also enables watching the same log file in separate views subject to different line filters.


  • Multiple independent view instances can be concurrently open and active.
  • Stack trace line errors are hyperlinked to the JDT.
  • Simple, efficient definition of log filters.
  • Runs on Aptana/Ruby/RadRails and other Eclipse-RCP platforms (JDT not required).

Screen Shot

Multiple independent NTail log views


  • Opening Views
    • The first view opens from Windows->Show View->Other…->Logging->NTail.
    • Second and subseqent views can be opened from the view menu or from the right-click menu of any open NTail view.
  • Highlighting
    • Uses a standard Java RegEx expression to define the highlight match
    • Basic: use a simple text string
    • Advanced: use capturing groups to define the highlight portion of the match
      • Examples:
DEBUG highlights the word DEBUG
DE(BUG) highlights the partial BUG only where it appears as part of the word DEBUG
net\.certiv\.base\.(NTail|Util) highlights either NTail or Util where it occurs as part of the package name
(DEBUG).*(Page \d+) highlights DEBUG and the page number only for lines that contain both
  • Filter Lines (exclude selected lines from log file display):
    • Uses a standard Java RegEx expression to match line(s) to exclude
    • Example (the RegEx must match an entire line to exclude it):
.*eclipse.* excludes all lines that contain 'eclipse'
  • Search
    • ctrl-f or select find from the right-click menu searches over the visible content of the viewer.


  • Eclipse 4.5.2 on Java 8 VM


Eclipse Public License v1.0