Nominal meta-HTML DSL editor and builder plugins for the Eclipse platform.


  • Nominal meta-HTML DSL editor, formatter and outline view
    • full featured syntax-directed editor
    • use in any Eclipse project
    • editor is automatically associated with Nom grammars (“.nom”)
    • formatter is invoked using the standard platform format command (ctrl-shift-f)
    • formatter should only modify whitespace – ctrl-z will undo changes
    • sophistication of the formatter is evolving
  • Nominal builder generates formal HTML pages including content processed through auto-executed content conversion filters.
    • builds are automatically triggered on any modification of a current Eclipse project file of a ‘watched’ type: “.nom”, “.md”, etc.
    • default Markdown content processed using the Blackfriday tool.
  • NomSrv development Webserver
    • custom Go Webserver for the generated pages; includes auto-reload capability

Project Structure

A minimum ‘General’ Eclipse project can be used as the development Web site container. Exemplary project structure:

Workspace Root                      ◀ Eclipse workspace root directory
      └───Project Root              ◀ your Eclipse project directory
              ├───output            ◀ root dir for the generated html 
              │   ├───app           ◀ conventional app resources
              │   │   ├───css
              │   │   ├───fonts
              │   │   ├───img
              │   │   └───js
              │   ├───download      ◀ generated subdirs containing html
              │   ├───legal
              │   ├───projects
              │   └───support
              ├───source            ◀ root dir for nom files
              │   ├───content       ◀ content dir for root nom files
              │   ├───download      ◀ a subdir for nom files
              │   │   └───content   ◀ content dir for the subdir nom files
              │   ├───legal
              │   │   └───content
              │   ├───projects
              │   │   └───content
              │   └───support
              │       └───content
              └───_parts            ◀ dir containing includable nom files
                                           and the 'HTML' dictionary

Dev Webserver

Run the develoment Webserver from your Eclipse project root directory. Access the WebServer using the URL localhost:7010.


  • Eclipse 4.5+ on Java 8 VM


Eclipse Public License v1.0